In 2016, recall orders affected over 51 million cars. For automakers and dealerships, recall case management presents a critical need – and ideal opportunity – for outstanding customer service and FAN creation. Combined with routine service operations, roadside protection plans, even rental car agencies, delivering a stellar engagement can create remarkable outcomes.

When customers want results, C3/CustomerContactChannels drives home the relationship. Our fresh approach to new-buyer outreach, service contract sales, and recall program implementation improve owner and repeat buyer loyalty.

How? By owning the relationship. Our Experience Champions are hand-picked and meticulously trained to engage with every customer they contact. Together with our highly motivated and skilled site directors and training leaders, we create “conversations” that invite interactions and drive compliance.

We deliver results where you need them most


Cross-sell, Upsell & Loyalty. Our insights spot latent revenue streams and increase the overall engagement with and value of each customer.


Proactive engagement for new products and after-market services, incentive offers, and customer satisfaction calls – all with a superior experience that increases lifetime customer value, loyalty and retention.


Self-service functions and multichannel communications – including our interactive web-response avatar – across PCs, laptops, tables and smartphones that empower your customers with email management, click to chat, click to talk, and web self-service.


Fast ramp-up. Recalls rarely arrive with advance warning. Our Experience Champions can be trained and onboarded quickly to handle spikes – whether for recall announcements or general sales and marketing outreach.

The C3 leadership team delivers custom-created, innovative training and deployment practices, and proprietary technology solutions – all with deep executive involvement – that drive unparalleled case management and recall completion rates.

If customer service drives value in the consumer automotive sector, who’s driving your customer service? C3/CustomerContactChannels’ award-winning, multichannel support that makes FANS out of our clients’ customers doesn’t put you ahead of the competition. You leave the competition behind.

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