FAN Way of Life

C3 is focused on building a way of life for its employees and not just a culture to speak about.

In an organization where people drive our success – and that of our clients, we strive to make every interaction with customers, clients and co-workers positive, productive and rewarding. After all, we are striving to build FANS for our clients. Along the way, we are trying to create a work environment that makes employees FANS of C3.

We recognize, we reward, and we communicate frequently. We are creative in the way we approach client relationships and delighting their customers. Wherever possible, we promote from within and do our best to provide not just a job, but a career.

Making FANS out of Our Employees

Since C3 was founded in 2010, culture has been at the forefront of our business. The Company created an environment where employees could LOVE what they do, and who they do it for. As C3 has evolved, our focus is still on culture, but with a better and invigorated approach.

Culture is something companies talk about. At C3, we are focused on building a FAN WAY OF LIFE. As we focus on making FANs out of our clients’ customers, we too focus on building a C3 FAN club of employees made up of C3-ers who are getting the most out of their experience as an employee of our Company.

This takes work. This takes discipline. This takes frequent and consistent communication across every level of the Company. C3 has transformed a good culture into a refreshing Way of Life for employees to grow and thrive – and a work experience that they enjoy. The impact on making FANs out of our clients’ customers is immeasurable.

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