Life @ C3

At C3/CustomerContactChannels, people are the cornerstone of our success and that of our clients. We strive to make each interaction with customers, clients, and each other positive and rewarding. To that end, we have invested in a number of programs that drive and maintain a positive culture for all of C3 and reinforce our core values.

What permeates throughout our organization is the philosophy of "Creating Fans" by Making A Difference for our clients. With every call, every training class, every monitoring session, every IT or Facilities completed request, every client interaction, every employee coaching session, every new hire…we are all Making A Difference for C3. By collectively working towards creating fans of our customers and living the company values, we continue to build a global company that is not only extraordinary, but unique among all others in our industry.

Career pathing is a big part of this success as well. Over 90% of C3-ers are promoted from within, and C3 University is there to support their growth and development. C3-ers are the architect of their career with us, and skies the limit.

The C3 Management team is focused on developing a solid culture that revolves around our core values of open and honest communication, accountability, and recognition of our people and community. These core values drive daily ‘life at C3’ and are paramount to our success and that of our clients and employees.

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