Non-Voice Services

In today’s customer contact market, “conversations” mean more than talking.

As studies find about one in three customers prefer online and chat contact channels, C3/CustomerContactChannels pioneered the delivery of “non-voice” solutions that take customer engagement to communication channels including FAQ, chat, social media outlets (i.e. blogs, forums, and social networks), email, and direct speech.

For years, C3 has been meeting the demand. Our Interactive Web Response™ proprietary self-service customer solution delivers a contextually relevant experience across online communication channels to drive sales and service for leading brands by combining pertinent customer and historical session data to deliver a consistent and seamless “FAN” brand experience.

Utilizing the Oracle Cloud Dynamic Agent Desktop Cloud Service for CRM, Chat and Email support, C3 delivers a unified, quality brand experience regardless of the channel used and consistent and efficient delivery of Experience Champions’ skills and capabilities – all across a unified interface.

What do you gain?

Ubiquity across a wide variety of devices and platforms common to desktop, mobile voice and broadband technologies used today by billions of people worldwide.
Greater customer contact management efficiency via website and other “non-voice” channels – without sacrificing quality.
A proactive online avatar that understands and processes valuable information about the customer by simulating the experience of an interaction with a live agent, knowing when to engage the consumer, and how to communicate with them once the dialogue begins.
Customer choice of communication channel – self-service mode, email, chat and click-to-chat, direct speech, even via social media.
Multiple, simultaneous chats and wait time averaging one minute for click-to-chat, as well as sat scores 13 percent higher than other tech support channels (for mobile operators) and First Contact Resolution (FCR) averaging 15 percent higher.

Modern non-voice contact channels complement perfectly other traditional forms, including telephone contact (i.e., voice), the preference for new channels grows rapidly. Moreover, real-time operational reporting and on-demand data warehouse delivers long-term, advanced trend analysis and deep managerial insight.

As “conversations” are increasingly driven by keyboards rather than talking, C3/CustomerContactChannels delivery of “non-voice” solutions take customer engagement to all new communication channels.

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